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  • Church Planting in the Secular West

    Stefan Paas - Learning from the European Experience Recommended € 33,90

    € 24,90
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  • Encountering Theology of Mission

    Craig Ott - Biblical Foundations, Historical Developments, and Contemporary Issues. This fresh, comprehensive text fills a need for an up-to-date theology of mission. The authors, who are leading mission experts, discuss biblical theology of mission, provide historical overviews of the development of various viewpoints, and address current theological issues in global mission from an ...

    € 24,90
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  • The Divine Embrace

    Robert E. Webber - Recovering the Passionate Spiritual Life Recommended € 21,90

    € 16,90
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  • Christ-Centered Preaching, 3rd Edition

    Bryan Chapell - Redeeming the Expository Sermon

    € 19,90
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  • The Preacher's Catechism

    Lewis Allen - Your work as a pastor can make it easy to overlook the deep needs of your own soul. These 43 questions and answers, written to reflect the format of historic catechisms, seek to provide nourishment for weary pastors in the thick of ministry. ...

    € 16,90
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  • Expository Exultation: Christian Preaching as Worship

    John Piper - John Piper makes a compelling claim in these pages about the purpose of preaching: it is intended not merely as an explanation of the text but also as a means of awakening worship by being worship in and of itself. Christian preaching is ...

    € 22,90
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  • Contextualizing the Faith

    A. Scott Moreau - A Holistic Approach

    € 17,90
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  • Introducing Christian Mission Today

    Michael W. Goheen - Scripture, History and Issues Recommended € 37,90

    € 31,90
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  • Becoming a Just Church

    Adam L. Gustine - Many local churches don't know what to do about justice. We tend to compartmentalize it as merely a strategy for outreach, and we often outsource it to parachurch justice ministries. While these organizations do good work, individual congregations are left disconnected from God's just purposes in the world. Adam Gustine ...

    € 10,90
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  • Homilitics and Hermeneutics

    Scott M. Gibson and Matthew D. Kim (eds.) - Scott Gibson and Matthew Kim, both experienced preachers and teachers, have brought together four preaching experts--Bryan Chapell, Kenneth Langley, Abraham Kuruvilla, and Paul Scott Wilson--to present and defend their approaches to homiletics. Reflecting current streams of thought in homiletics, the book offers a robust discussion of theological and hermeneutical approaches to ...

    € 14,90
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Wandelen met God
Ds. J. Westerink
€ 13,90
Orientatie in de bijbelse oudheidskunde
Drs. I.A. Kole
€ 22,99
Zonder ons in ons
Ds. A. Moerkerken
€ 29,50
Laten wij nu overdenken
Dr. Marc J. de Vries
€ 14,95
Elise Pater-Mauritz
€ 13,50
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