The Gospel of Our King

The Gospel of Our King

This accessible overview shows how the Bible--with its 66 books, dozens of
authors, and multiple genres--comes together to provide an overarching story
about God the King and explains how the Christian gospel and mission address
the totality of human life.
Written by a biblical scholar and a theologian, The Gospel of Our King shows
how any account of gospel and mission can only be understood in light of the
whole biblical testimony. The authors help us understand the Bible's
overarching narrative as the story that encompasses everything. This story,
revealed by God and centered on Jesus the King, enables us to know and love God
and to fulfill his purpose for our lives. It is the framework within which we
come to understand the Christian worldview, the Christian gospel, and the
Christian mission. When we understand how the whole Bible fits together to
shape the totality of a Christian's life, we will be prepared to show the
goodness of Christ and the gospel to others in our personal, social, cultural,
and global contexts.
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The Gospel of Our King


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