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  • Puritan Piety

    Michael A.G. Haykin and Paul M. Smalley (eds.) - The puritan movement, its leading figures, and the resulting principles were pivotal in Church history, and remain greatly influential today. This work looks at the puritan doctrine of piety. Contributors such as Sinclair Ferguson, Michael Haykin, and Mark Jones explore the theology, history, ...

    € 11,90
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  • A Puritan Theology

    Joel R. Beeke - Doctrine for Life Recommended € 59,90

    € 44,90
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  • LKD 1: Alte Kirche und Mittelalter

    Wolf-Dieter Hauschild & Volker Henning Drecoll - Das Standardlehrbuch jetzt in überarbeiteter und aktualisierter Auflage Das bewährte Lehrbuch für Kirchen- und Dogmengeschichte erscheint in einer gründlich überarbeiteten Form. Alle Abschnitte wurden im Hinblick ...

    € 54,90
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  • The Six Johns of the Scottish Reformation

    S. James Millar - with the Scots Confession of Faith, 1560 Recommended € 16,90

    € 12,90
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  • God's Two Words

    Jonathan A. Linebaugh (ed.) - The distinction between God's law and God's gospel lies at the core of the Lutheran and Reformed traditions - and has long been a point of controversy between them. God's Two Words offers new contributions from ten key Lutheran and Reformed scholars on the theological significance of the law-gospel distinction. ...

    € 24,90
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  • The Richness of Augustine

    Mark Ellingsen - His Contextual & Pastoral Theology Recommended € 29,90

    € 14,90
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  • In Their Own Words

    David B. Calhoun - Hundreds of biographies have been written of Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Knox and John Bunyan. But there is something unique to be gained by listening to these men tell their stories in their own words. Here, in In Their Own Words is a collection of testimonial statements drawn from ...

    € 6,90
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  • Human Nature from Calvin to Edwards

    Paul Helm - Paul Helm breaks fertile ground in this survey of theological anthropology in the Reformed tradition. Acknowledging the rich patristic and medieval heritage available to Reformed theologians, Helm works through a representative range of authors and materials during the period 1550 to 1750 in order to identify certain ways of thinking as ...

    € 21,90
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  • Meet the Puritans

    Joel R. Beeke - With a Guide to Modern Reprints Recommended € 34,90

    € 29,90
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  • Spurgeon on the Christian Life

    Michael Reeves - Alive in Christ

    € 14,90
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Walter A. Elwell e.a.
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Orientatie in de bijbelse oudheidskunde
Drs. I.A. Kole
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Kerken sekten en wereldgodsdiensten
Drs. H.G. Leertouwer e.a.
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Doe maar gewoon
Thea Zoeteman
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Vuurvechter - deel 3
Herman Wilbrink
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