Authentic Christianity 6: Acts 8:1-35

Authentic Christianity 6: Acts 8:1-35

Sermons on the Acts of the Apostles.
In this concluding volume of Authentic Christianity, Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones shows the significance of the events recorded in Acts 8:1-35 for readers today. These sermons, preached between October 1967 and February 1968, are full of penetrating insights on such topics as man's need for the gospel, the work of the Spirit, the supernatural character of true Christianity, repentance and faith, the danger of spurious belief, and the very heart and centre of the gospel in the sufferings and death of Christ, as explained by Philip to the man of Ethiopia. (= 1581348320 / 9781581348323)
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Authentic Christianity 6: Acts 8:1-35


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