PNTC: The Letters of John

PNTC: The Letters of John

This volume seeks to clearly explain the meaning of John's letters to
teachers, pastors, and general readers looking for a reliable resource for
personal study. Colin Kruse provides an introduction to the important issues
involved in interpreting the Johannine letters, gives verse-by-verse comments,
and provides extensive discussion of John's major theological themes, including
the real humanity of Christ, atonement, the role of the Spirit, Christian
assurance, the meaning of koinonia, Christian love, and eternal life. (=
080283728X / 9780802837288)
Series: Pillar New Testament Commentary.

'Kruse has written a clear, insightful, and edifying commentary on
the Letters of John in which he thoughtfully interacts with current research,
carefully charts his way through some hard-core exegetical and theological
issues.' - Peter T. O'Brien
'A splendid achievement.' -
Paul Barnett
Recommended € 35,90
€ 22,90

PNTC: The Letters of John


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