NICNT: Thessalonians

NICNT: Thessalonians

In The First and Second Letters to the Thessalonians Gordon Fee's first aim
is a fresh exposition of the biblical text. He shows the reader what is in the
text, then what was meant by the text and what it means. Fee reveals the logic
of each argument or narrative before moving on to the details of each verse. He
concludes each section with a theological or applicational reflection on the
meaning of the text today.
In order to make his work not only useful,
but also understandable, Fee uses diagrams of sentence structure, italics for
emphasis, and a listing of points. He explores authorship, the city of
Thessalonica, and the occasion for writing for each epistle, restoring 2
Thessalonians to the place it deserves as a full companion to the first letter,
rather than merely a tagalong to 1 Thessalonians.
Like Fee's previous
volumes in this series, this insightful, thoroughly readable commentary on
Paul's two letters of thanksgiving, information, encouragement, and exhortation
to the separated, suffering community of Gentile converts in Thessalonica is
destined to become the premier work on these books.
'Fee could not
be boring even if he tried. The zest of his prose makes him exciting to read,
and his scholarship is always rigorous.' - D. A.
'Fee brings his exceptional skill as an exegete together with
his pastor's heart in this very helpful commentary on Pauls two Thessalonians
letters. Fee delivers his depth of insight into the text in prose that is a
model of clarity and readability. Everyone will appreciate his concise and
challenging applications at the end of each section.' - Clinton E.
Series: New International Commentary on the New
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NICNT: Thessalonians


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