NICNT: 2 Corinthians

NICNT: 2 Corinthians

This excellent commentary on 2 Corinthians by Paul Barnett illumines the
historical background of the church at Corinth and clarifies the meaning of
Paul's passionate letter both for those first-century Christians and for the
church today.
Assuming the unity of the letter, for which extensive argument
is offered, Barnett takes the view that Paul is, in particular, addressing the
issue of triumphalism in Corinth. This triumphalism is expressed by the newly
arrived missioners who portray Paul as 'inferior' to themselves; it is also
endemic among the Corinthians, According to Barnett, the recurring theme of the
letter is 'power-in-weakness', based on the motif of the resurrection of the
Crucified, whic lies at the heart of the gospel of Christ. Also fundamental to
the letter is the theme of fulfillment of the 'promises of God' by Christ and
the Spirit under the New Covenant.
'Barnett is well qualified to
handle all these complexities with a sure touch, a scholar's expertise, and a
pastor's concerns.' - Ralph P. Martin
'Barnett has lived with
'Paul and the Corinthians' for a number of years. His well-known expertise as a
New Testament historian comes to the fore in his insightful illumination of the
historical background to this Pauline epistle. His detailed exegesis in the
commentary is clear, rigorous, and sane, and I found his tracing of the
rethorical movement of the arguments throughout the letter to be
invaluable.' - Peter T. O'Brien
'A major commentary that is a
joy to read. It is extraordinarily rich on the historical and social
circumstances that surround this complicated book. Moreover it is rich in its
biblical-theological reflection (i.e. the author takes pains to tie the
theology of this epistle to the theology of the Pauline corpus and sometimes to
the entire Bible).' - D.A. Carson
Series: New International
Commentary on the New Testament.
Recommended € 59,90
€ 44,90

NICNT: 2 Corinthians


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