Christ Set Forth

Christ Set Forth

As the Cause of Justification and as the Object of Justifying Faith.
First published in 1642, Christ Set Forth - one of Thomas Goodwin's most
beloved and enduring works - is a book full of theological riches and
penetrating pastoral insights. Addressing, from an exposition of Romans 8:34,
the pastoral problem that many believers stray in their faith by looking into
their own hearts for signs of grace instead of looking away from themselves to
Christ, Christ Set Forth is primarily a book written to encourage Christians.
As Scott Berggren says in the Foreword,
It is a guidebook for keeping one's heart and faith pointed in the right
direction, towards Christ himself. In it Goodwin pushes aside anything that
might displace Christ in one's heart. In chapter after chapter he sets forth
the glory of Christ and his work as mediator as the only object of one's faith
and affection.
Turning to nearly any page in this volume, readers will be rewarded with a " remarkably pastoral theology of justification by grace alone through faith
alone in Christ alone. - Michael Hortone"
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Christ Set Forth


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