Gospel Evidences of Saving Faith

Gospel Evidences of Saving Faith

Although believers have a right to every spiritual comfort in Christ, remaining sin and temptation often hinder them from enjoying these blessings. In Gospel Evidences of Saving Faith, John Owen recognizes that faith "is the root on which all genuine comforts grow," and these comforts "are ordinarily shared by believers in proportion to the evidences of true faith in their lives." Owen investigates the proper operations of faith that demonstrate its genuineness, encouraging us to cling fast to Christ, pursue holiness, commune with God through worship, and bring our souls into a special state of repentance. Do you wish to glorify God more and have greater enjoyment in the comforts of Christ? Find inspiration in this pastoral consideration of the evidences of saving faith.

Table of Contents:

First Evidence: Choosing, Embracing, and Approving God's Way of Saving Sinners through the Work of Christ Alone
Second Evidence: Habitually Approving of the Holiness and Obedience God Requires as Revealed in Scripture
Third Evidence: Consistently Endeavoring to Keep All Grace in Exercise in All Ordinances of Divine Worship
Fourth Evidence: Bringing the Soul into a Special State of Repentance

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Gospel Evidences of Saving Faith


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