Competing Spectacles

Competing Spectacles

What images should I feed my eyes?

We often leave this question unanswered - because we don't ask it. Maybe we don't want to ask it. But viral videos, digital images, and other spectacles surround us in every direction - competing for our time, our attention, our lust, and our money. So we let our lazy eyes feed on whatever comes our way. As a result, we never stop to consider the consequences of our visual diet on our habits, desires, and longings.

Journalist Tony Reinke asked these hard questions himself - critiquing his own habits - and now invites us along to see what he discovered as he investigated the possibilities and the pitfalls of our image-centered world. In the end, he shares the beauty of a Greater Spectacle - capable of centering our souls, filling our hearts, and stabilizing our gaze in this age of the digital spectacle.

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Competing Spectacles


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