The Pilgrim's Progress Study Guide

The Pilgrim's Progress Study Guide

So much biblical truth can be learned from Bunyan that Spurgeon wrote, if a
person will 'prick John Bunyan [...] he will bleed the Bible.' While others
were known for their outstanding theological writings and teachings, Bunyan
brought many of the same theological truths to life in his Pilgrim's
Now there is a companion guide to help readers learn and grow
along with the pilgrim on his exciting adventure. This study guide includes
questions for review, discussion, and reflection on each of the eleven lessons.
Readers come face to face not only with the obstacles confronting Christian but
also with manifestations of the same challenges and temptations today. Each
lesson concludes with devotional comments and applications of the truths
discovered along the way, including insights from spiritual giants such as
Charles Spurgeon, Alexander Whyte, George Cheever, Thomas Scott, and Thomas
Adaptable to several editions of Pilgrim's Progress,
this study guide will prove helpful to all who seek greater enjoyment of
Bunyan's classic.
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The Pilgrim's Progress Study Guide


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