The Moral Vision of the New Testament

The Moral Vision of the New Testament

Community, Cross, New Creation. A Contemporary Introduction to New
Testament Ethics.
A leading expert in New Testament ethics discovers in the biblical witness a
unified ethical vision - centered in the themes of community, cross and new
creation - that has profound relevance in today's world. Richard Hays shows how
the New Testament provides moral guidance on the most troubling ethical issues
of our time, including violence, divorce, homosexuality and abortion.
There are few people I would rather read for the actual exposition of the " New Testament than Richard Hays. This book is filled with wonderful readings
that not only inform us about how to think better about the so-called 'problem
of the relation between the New Testament and ethics' but, even more, speak of
how our lives should be lived in the light of Christ's cross. - Stanley " Hauerwas
This book isn't just a breath of fresh air. It's a hurricane, blowing away " the fog of half-understood pseudo-morality and fashionable compromise, and
revealing instead the early Christian vision of true humanness and genuine
holiness. If this isn't a book for our time, I don't know what is. - N.T. " Wright
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The Moral Vision of the New Testament


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