The Dating Games 3: Double Date

The Dating Games 3: Double Date

The girls of the DG have found that through the club, both their friendships
and their dating savvy have grown. But all that is about to be put to the test.
Despite their promises of secrecy, word has somehow gotten out, and new girls
want to join the club. The reaction in the DG is mixed, but with the Christmas
Ball coming up, they need to pull together to organize their double dates. The
trouble is, how can they get guys interested in a dance that's become
increasingly unpopular?
Cassidy, Devon, Abby, Bryn, and Emma are quickly becoming teen favorites as
they navigate the crazy world of dating. As always, Melody Carlson subtly
delivers great advice wrapped up tight in a package of fun and friendship.
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€ 6,90

The Dating Games 3: Double Date


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