A Grammar of Biblical Aramaic (7th, expanded ed.)

A Grammar of Biblical Aramaic (7th, expanded ed.)

With an Index of Biblical Citations Compiled by Daniel M. Gurtner.

This grammar of Biblical Aramaic is intended in the first place for
the student who wishes to acquire a thorough knowledge of the language of the
Aramaic portions of the bible. But it also hopes to stimulate interest in the
Aramaic dialects in general and to create a sound basis for further Aramaic
studies. It contains a brief but quite full description of the phonetic and
grammatical features of Biblical Aramaic, as well as tables of paradigms for
the different classes of verbs. Special attention has been paid to the syntax,
and the important syntactic data of the language have been treated in special
chapters which, however, are kept together with the morphological presentation.
A complete glossary of Biblical Aramaic concludes the book. This 7th
edition is augmented with an index of biblical citations that was compiled by
Daniel M. Gurtner.

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A Grammar of Biblical Aramaic (7th, expanded ed.)


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