To Win Our Neighbours for Christ

To Win Our Neighbours for Christ

The Missiology of the Three Forms of Unity.
In many modern histories of Christian missions, the Protestant Reformation of
the sixteenth century is depicted as a movement lacking missionary zeal. it has
virtually become a given that the Reformation was not oriented to the churchÆs
missionary task. in to win our neighbors for Christ, Wes Bredenhof answers
these charges, proving that it is a mistake to say the Reformation and the
confessional documents it produced have nothing to say about missions.
The author demonstrates that the three forms of Unityùthe Belgic Confession,
the Heidelberg Catechism, and the Canons of Dort ù properly understood, have
much to off er the study of missions. more importantly, they encourage us to
care about a world lost in unbelief, making us more mission oriented and
outward looking.
A helpful tool for every Reformed Christian seeking to understand and use " our confessions in a missional way. It gives the historical background for each
of the three forms of Unity and shows that the original intent of our
confessions was indeed to reach the lost with the good news of the gospel. It
also shows how we as a church need to have that same desire to clearly
articulate these truths to our own generation of souls today. - Richard " Bout
Series: Explorations in Reformed Confessional Theology.
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To Win Our Neighbours for Christ


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