The Six Johns of the Scottish Reformation

The Six Johns of the Scottish Reformation

with the Scots Confession of Faith, 1560.
In this convenient biographical collection, James Millar gives us a look at the
lives of æthe Six JohnsÆ of the Scottish Reformation. We have all heard of the
life of John Knox, and deservedly so, but now we get to know the other leading
lights of the Scottish Reformation. John Willock, John Winram, John
Spottiswood, John Row and John Douglas all played and major part in
establishing reform in Scotland and in the composition of the Scots Confession
of Faith, 1560, which is conveniently appended at the back of the volume. This
was still used as the set confession of the Church in Scotland until 1647, when
the Westminster Standards replaced it.
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The Six Johns of the Scottish Reformation


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