Romans (set of 14 vols.)

Romans (set of 14 vols.)

An Exposition.
Dr. D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones' monumentalexposition of Paul's letter to the Romans
has come to a conclusion with the publication of his sermons on Romans 14.
Lloyd-Jones originally preached this series of sermons at Westminster Chapel in
London from 1957 to 1968. These messages contain his hallmark clarity and
illustrate his conviction that sermons should be 'logic on fire'.
This 14 volume set contains:
Romans 1: The Gospel of God. Hb., 306p. Romans 2: 1-3:20: The Righteous Judgment of God. Hb., 238p. Romans 3: 20-4:25: Atonement and Justification. Hb., 264p. Romans 5: Assurance. Hb., 382p. Romans 6: The New Man. Hb., 325p. Romans 7: 1-8:4: The Law: Its Functions and Limits. Hb., 371p. Romans 8: 5-17: The Sons of God. Hb., 450p. Romans 8: 17-39: The Final Perseverance of the Saints. Hb., 489p. Romans 9: God's Sovereign Purpose. Hb., 338p. Romans 10: Saving Faith. Hb., 412p. Romans 11: To God's Glory. Hb., 300p. Romans 12: Christian Conduct. Hb., 525p. Romans 13: Life in Two Kingdoms. Hb., 333p. Romans 14: 1-17: Liberty and Conscience. Hb., 288p.
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Romans (set of 14 vols.)


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