In this detailed, elegantly written commentary J. Ramsey Michaels gives primary
attention to the Gospel of John in its present form rather than to the sources
or traditions behind it. Michaels examines both the Gospel's literary character
and its theological significance for the Christian community in its own time
and through the ages. This landmark commentary - seventeen years in the making,
reflecting fifty years of classroom teaching, and packed with fresh insights -
will prove highly useful to scholars, students, and, especially, pastors.

This is a commentary for which it was well worth waiting. The fruit of a " lifetime's engagement with John's Gospel, it manages to be both conservative
and original. Above all, it does superbly what the best commentaries do -
immerse readers in the text itself. Michaels takes us with him deep into this
Gospel's story of Jesus, expertly probing the narrative, asking questions about
it that we may not have thought of, and pointing out details, nuances, and
connections we may have missed, all the while ensuring we do not avoid the
text's larger, sometimes uncomfortable, truth claims. Readers will emerge
invigorated, enlightened, and inspired. [...] The excellence of Michaels's
substantial and intriguing close reading makes his commentary one to which
readers will return again and again for continuing stimulus in their own study
of John. - Andrew T. Lincoln
This new commentary gives primary attention to John's gospel in its " present form rather than the sources or traditions behind it. J. Ramsey
Michaels assumes that the John who authored the book is someone very close to
Jesus and, therefore, that the gospel is a testimony to events that actually
happened in the life of Jesus. Yet Michaels does not ignore the literary
character of the gospel of John or its theological contribution to the larger
Christian community from its own time to the present day. Through a detailed
verse-by-verse commentary, Michaels reveals how the gospel of 'the disciple
whom Jesus loved' is a unified composition, intertwined with the synoptics, yet
drawing on material none of them covers. - " D.A. Carson

Series: New International Commentary on the New Testament.

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