The Meaning of Protestant Theology

The Meaning of Protestant Theology

This book offers a creative and illuminating discussion of Protestant theology,
helping readers rethink their own theology and its place in the larger story of
Christian thought. Veteran teacher Phillip Cary, an internationally acclaimed
expert on Augustine and Augustine's thought, explains how Luther's theology
arose from the Christian tradition, particularly from the spirituality of
Augustine. Luther departed from the Augustinian tradition and inaugurated
distinctively Protestant theology when he identified the gospel that gives us
Christ as its key concept. More than any other theologian, Luther succeeds in
carrying out the Protestant intention of putting faith in the gospel of Christ
alone. Cary also explores the consequences of Luther's teachings as they unfold
in the history of Protestantism. This work will appeal to professors and
students of theology, pastors, and laypeople.
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The Meaning of Protestant Theology


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